Rome High School

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Policies & Procedures

Mission Statement
The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. (Information Power)

Media Programs 
Please click on the link to view Rome City Schools' policy on the media programs: Policy IFBC.

Availability of Media Center 
The Rome High School Media Center is open to all faculty, staff, individual students, and classes all day, everyday, throughout the school year.  

All gifts from individuals shall be accepted subject to the media specialists’ judgment, and will be subject to the same criteria as those for purchased media. They shall be reviewed and, if accepted, shall be processed and circulated in the same manner as purchased media. Acceptance and use of instructional materials provided by businesses and/or commercial organizations shall be previewed for curriculum relevancy and shall not be used if designed to promote a business or product.

Internet is available for student and faculty use and is to be used for school-related purposes only! Please click on this link to view Rome City Schools' Acceptable Use Policy.

The media center is inventoried each school year. The uses of inventory are: to learn what print and non-print items are missing; to obtain correct statistics concerning the holdings of the media center; and to discover needed repairs, cataloging and the like and to remove obsolete items from the collection.

Loss of Materials
All patrons are responsible for the materials that they check out from the media center. If you lose any materials that you have checked out from the media center, please check with a media specialist for a replacement cost.

Reconsideration of Materials
If you would like an item to be considered for removal from the media center, please see a media specialist. Appropriate procedures for challenged materials will be followed.  

Selection of Materials
Purchases are made with instructional funds at the beginning of each school year. Materials are selected based on the needs of the students and staff . If a staff member or student has specific requests for purchase, please see the media specialists.